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2019 Schedule

These Courses are approved by the National Rifle Association’s Law Enforcement Division and have been submitted for VA,DCJS partial in service credits. Training course slots are limited! For more information or TO ENROLL or to hold a Closed Course at your location: contact Combined Firearms Training via email at contact@combinedfirearmstraining.com
Date Hosting Agency Course Price
May 10 Williamsburg PD Tactical Operators Sustainment T-Day 4 Closed
May 11-12 Open to Clients/Host TBD
May 22-23 U.S. Government Enhanced Vehicle Rifle Course Closed
May 25 Waynesboro P.D. Pistol Training $225
Jun. 8 Richmond PD Pistol Training $225
Jun. 22-23 Open to Clients/Host TBD
Aug. 27-28 Allentown PA, PD Enhanced Vehicle Rifle Pistol $425
Aug. 29-30 Allentown PA, PD Enhanced Pistol Training Course $425
Sept. 3-4 Virginia State Police (TOU) Enhanced Vehicle Rifle Pistol Full
Sept. 5-6 Virginia State Police (TOU) Enhanced Vehicle Rifle Pistol Full
Sept. 4-6 Henrico County PD Tactical Carbine $475
Sept. 23-27 Open to Clients/Host TBD
Sept. 28 Richmond PD Pistol Training $225
Sept. 30 - Oct. 4 Virginia State Police (CCI) Tactical Operators Sustainment Full
Oct. 12-13 Open to Cients/Host Pistol Training TBD
Oct. 26 Richmond PD Pistol Training $225
Oct. 28 - Oct. 29 Hampton PD Enhanced Pistol Training $400
Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 Williamsburg PD Tactical Carbine Pending
Nov. 16-17 Open to Clients/Host TBD
  • Dates, Locations and Times to the above schedule are Subject to Change.
  • All dates stated above are available for closed courses for your agency. Prices for a closed course are negotiable between your agency and CFT. Individual seats to a hosted open enrollment course are set prices base on the training course. All weeks stated above with exception of weekends are available for double bookings at a second location.